About Dora

Dora graduated from UCSD in 2003 with a B.A. in Human Development. After graduating from UCSD, Dora went on to live and serve in the inner city of San Fransisco spending some time working with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) ministering to and learning from the urban poor in SF. In 2005, Dora came on full time as a campus staff member with InterVarsity Christian fellowship, working specifically with the undergraduate chapter at her alma-mata, the University of California, San Diego. Currently Dora serves as the Associate Area Director for the San Diego Coast Area, overseeing UCSD and the University of San Diego

– Why I decided to be a staff worker with InterVarsity:

“You are called to build Evangelists”. 

I remember feeling like the Lord was speaking this statement over me during an overseas missions project with YWAM. It was a peculiar context into which I felt the Lord speaking these words. I had just reached my limit of frustration with my team as we did some conversational evangelism at a local University. I felt like my team valued vocational ministry, and as we walked around the college campus I began to grow frustrated with their emphasis on missions. And into my frustration, the Lord gave me a gentle rebuke. “Dora, they are called to build missionaries, and that is GOOD. You are called with build evangelists, and that is also GOOD.” As I wrestled with these thoughts, I began to realize that missionaries are people who have been called by God to make evangelism their occupation. Whereas evangelists are people who have been called by God to bring evangelism… and to do evangelism within their occupations. Both are called by God. Both are valued by God. Both are walking with the gospel in their hands, bringing the peace and love of God to a lost and broken world. In that moment, I felt like God was calling me to be a missionary to the college campus, building up and sending forth evangelists; who would bring the gospel to the places of influence they are headed. College students are the next leaders of our world, and I pray that these students would encounter Jesus and the reality of the gospel while they are in college, so that they can bring the good news of Christ into their future workplaces, graduate studies, families…and with that, begin to transform the world with an irresistible revolution of God’s love.

What I do with InterVarsity at UCSD:

As a staff worker with InterVarsity, there are many layers of my job; evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, event planning, etc. I spent 4 years working with the “Campus Team”, our upperclassman small group team. During my time with Campus Time, much of my focus was developing missional small groups that was motivated and equipped to bring the gospel to every corner of the campus.

As an area director, my role has shifted to be more focused on training/developing staff workers, managing the details and finances of the ministry, and on raising up higher level student leaders. (This photo is of the people I supervise at UCSD: 5 full time staff, 5 volunteer staff, and 10 student vision team leaders) It has been a steep learning curve as I have stepped into a bigger role in speaking/preaching, leadership development, and vision casting for the overarching ministry. I am humbled every day that God would trust me with this role.