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9780060663230lrg “There is a way to maturation in which we can say, “Sure, I have weak spots but that does not make me weak. I have ugly thoughts but that does not make me ugly.” This is the realization that we have to tolerate the weeds in order to have good wheat…A man who is never mad nor angry can never be passionately in favor of anything either. A man who never loses his temper might have nothing worthwhile to lose after all…He who never takes a risk might never fail, but he also will never succeed.”

9780060663261“Jesus responds to this condition of being filled yet unfulfilled, very busy yet unconnected, all over the place yet never at home. He wants to bring us to the place where we belong. But His call to live a spiritual life can only be heard when we are willing honestly to confess our own homeless and worrying existence and recognize its fragmenting effect on our daily life. Only then can a desire for our true home develop. It is of this desire that Jesus speaks when he says, “Do not worry…..set your hearts on His kingdom…and all these other things will be given you as well.”

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